*The next chapter...starting school*

My Henry,

Is it really that time already?!! Where on earth have those 4 years gone?!! I close my eyes and it feels like only yesterday that I was holding you in my arms for that very first time. Back then, school felt like a lifetime away and yet here we are...at the end of the summer and the eve before your first day. 

We've had so many countdowns this summer - for your birthday, to your sister's first birthday and our holiday to name a few. This, however, is the first time I really haven't wanted to know how many sleeps are left!

You've heard me say that, in a previous life, I was once the Reception teacher welcoming the children in on their first full day of school. I now fully understand all the emotions and questions that those teary-eyed parents had at the classroom door as they nervously waved their 'babies' off. I get it. But that doesn't help...the chances are I'll shed more tears than all of them put together tomorrow!

Is it selfish that I've thought if you were a September baby I'd have you with me for another year? Maybe a little. But being the August baby that you are, we know that now's the right time for you to start school. 

The truth is you've grown up so much in the last year, you really are now becoming the 'big boy' that you constantly remind us you are :) Just do us a favour and eat your lunch a bit quicker than you do at home....and make sure you wipe properly after a number two! 

Life will be so strange without you around during the day. The house is going to be a very different place without your laughter, screams...and tears :) Lunchtime will be so quiet without you chattering away to your sister and I, daytime play dates are going to seem ridiculously peaceful, though on the plus side getting out the house is going to involve a lot less negotiating!  

The funny thing is me and my mummy friends have longed for the chance to actually catch up when we see each other. And though that may just happen now (with only the younger siblings around), the truth is I'd always rather have you with us. Believe it or not I'm going to be miss the always-unfinished conversations, jet engine noise levels and the 'all too close' dashes to the toilet.

I know I sound like I'm not ready for this next exciting chapter in your life, but most importantly I know you are. We're so excited to watch you grow and flourish over this special first year. 

I promise that, every day, you'll never be out of my mind until I get that end-of-school-day kiss and hug. 


Enjoy every minute of this next 'big boy' stage - you're gunna be great.

I love you unconditionally,

(Your very proud) Mummy x