Why Whizzy Wonders?

(and why we think it's a little bit special ☺ )

Early Years Specialists

Early Years specialists

Each class is made up of carefully-planned activities by a qualified Early Years teacher, all chosen to stimulate your child’s senses and support their development. Children are given plenty of opportunities to touch, hear, see, smell and sometimes even taste (!), as well as being treated to our special sensory props and experiences (our Whizzy Wonders light show is always a huge hit).


Genuine variety

You’ll see plenty of variety and creativity in our classes week on week, both in terms of our activities and our props used. We make a huge effort to make sure that things are kept fresh to maximise the development of your little one, whilst not forgetting that adults need to be entertained too!

Focus on Fun

Focus on fun

We’re great believers that the more fun your child has the more they’ll learn. So be prepared for high-energy classes filled with singing, dancing (to great tunes!), giggling and plenty of parent-child bonding!

Ideas to take home

Ideas to take home

Parents speak highly about being given ideas during Whizzy Wonders classes that they can easily replicate at home. At Whizzy Wonders we relish talking parents through why certain activities are important, which they can then use throughout their child’s Early Years journey.

But don’t just take our word for it….why don’t you book your little Whizzy into a class and experience the Whizzy Wonders magic for yourself?!!

Whizzy Wonders perfectly combines fun, learning, and a wonderful opportunity for bonding between mum and baby. Thank you, Stef, for making our Monday mornings so bright ☺ - Emma