Whizzy Babies

Whizzy Babies

Which ages are the classes aimed at?

Our baby classes are best suited for 12 weeks old through to crawlers.

What do the classes involve?

The Whizzy baby class is made up of a constantly changing sequence of activities that help babies meet key early development milestones, with a strong focus on fun throughout! We love supporting babies as they begin to make sense of the world around them.

Can I have some more detail please?

Of course! Class activities are carefully planned by an Early Years specialist to help babies reach specific development milestones. We achieve this within a fun-filled, high-energy environment….we’re great believers that babies learn most when they’re enjoying themselves  ☺

Not to get too heavy, but the key development milestones that we focus on include:

  • sensory development – see, hear, touch, smell and taste. Activities are aimed at all five senses (with particular focus on the first three!)
  • hand-eye coordination, such as grasping and placing objects in and out of a container
  • physical development, such as rolling, sitting and crawling
  • cognitive development, such as basic cause and effect awareness

All activities are explained to parents to inform them of the developmental benefits for their little Whizzy, which also allows them to replicated at home.

But how much variety is in the classes?

Each class provides a wonderful adventure for your little one, full of new experiences, sensations, sights and sounds. You should never have to attend two classes that are the same, as we ensure constant variety in the activities and props used.

Where you will see repetition is within some of our special parent-baby bonding activities – we won’t spoil the surprise, but both the Whizzy dance and light show are always magical moments, whilst offering some fantastic sensory stimuli ☺

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We love coming to your classes, they are fantastic for babies and you are so clearly passionate about it. It makes for such a lovely experience. - Leanne