Whizzy Toddlers


Which ages are the classes aimed at?

Our toddler classes are best suited for early walkers through to pre-school (3 years old).

What do the classes involve?

Within the toddler classes we create an exciting World centred around messy play where children are given the opportunity to further develop their senses and reach the next set of developmental milestones.

Can I have some more details please?

No problem! As per the baby classes, the toddler classes are thoroughly planned out by an Early Years specialist, with a heavy emphasis on variety.

Multiple stations are set up around the room for the children to explore, with parents in tow ☺. The idea is for children to move around the stations, taking part in the different activities as they go and learning along the way. The stations vary week-on-week based on the class theme but can include activities such as water play, painting, gloop and more!

There’s a strong focus on the development of key cognitive and physical skills throughout, including:

  • Language development
  • Early number and colour recognition
  • Fine and gross motor skills

The aims of each station are clearly explained to the parents, so they can support their child on their learning journey.

Naturally the classes also help build each child’s confidence and social skills, as they become more comfortable learning new experiences and interacting with other children.

But how messy does it get?!

Children should definitely come dressed for mess ☺ Aprons are always provided for all toddlers but please don’t dress them in their best party gear! Parents are encouraged to get involved with the activities as well.

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Simply an excellent class and a brilliant concept. There is nothing else out there like Whizzy! I recommend it to everyone I know ☺ - Tasha