*Tummy time surfing!*

Bring some sunshine into your house by getting a beach ball for your baby! 

Such a good prop to use for some tummy time (watch our video for a demo!) and here are a few other ideas on how you can use it with your little one:


Hold baby under their arms and swing their legs so that they kick the ball with their legs. This is a great activity for encouraging your child's gross motor skills. 

*Pass the ball

Babies who are able to sit will enjoy having the ball rolled to them and then being able to use their hands to push it back. A lovely game to play together and also encourages turn taking and co-operation at an early age.

*What can I see?

A beach ball is so visually stimulating for babies with its bright colours and also the size of it helps babies to see it. You can spin the ball around for baby to watch, or roll it away from you and then bring it back so that baby can see the movement. You will notice your baby tracking the ball as it moves which will in turn help to strengthen their eyes.

Amazon stock beach balls and you should be able to get one for under £2 - a bargain!