*Have some balloon fun!*


Take a look at how fun a balloon can be for your baby! This is a great activity for helping babies to understand cause and effect, as well as being visually stimulating and providing some great exercise for your little Whizzy!

0-6 months: This is such a fun activity to introduce to a baby. Get a nice sparkly balloon or one that has a pattern or lots of colours on it as this will attract your baby straight away and will encourage them to watch the balloon as it moves around. Make a little loop with the ribbon, and you can then attach this to babies' foot or hand. As baby kicks or moves their hand, they will see the balloon moving and this in turn is great at helping babies to understand that their action is making a reaction :) Encourage your baby with lots of praise as they kick to help them realise that it is them that is doing all the hard work! And it is hard work for a little baby, so do watch out for signs of your little one getting tired - they'll be sure to let you know when they've had enough time at the 'baby gym!'

Tip: go to the Pound shop to buy your balloon... just £2 for the balloon and helium is such a bargain, and the balloon should last well over a week :)

Safety note: please do NOT leave baby unattended with the balloon. When they are playing with the balloon please watch baby at all times. If baby is able to roll you must be very cautious of the ribbon. For the above reasons this activity is best suited to babies that are not mobile.