About Mrs Whizzy

Mrs Whizzy (Stephanie Watts)  has always had a huge passion for supporting children in their development. This natural enthusiasm has come from a childhood spent helping at her mum’s nursery, which drove Mrs Whizzy to make sure that child welfare and development would always be at the core of her life.

After a degree in Education and Early Childhood Studies, Mrs Whizzy became a Family Support worker for Barnados, working one-to-one with families needing support with their parenting. From there she trained and qualified as a primary school teacher. Mrs Whizzy thrived in the Early Years age group and built up a real passion for learning through play, which has formed the basis for much of the material you see within the Whizzy Wonders classes today.

Mrs Whizzy’s vision for Whizzy Wonders was to create classes that were fun, lively, informative, development-appropriate, friendly, varied and allowed children to explore and learn through play – she found it difficult to find classes for her baby son including all of these elements. Now, when planning classes for babies and toddlers, Mrs Whizzy always finds it super-exciting to be able to offer new sensory experiences to the children, whilst relishing the opportunity to challenge them, engage their curiosity and encourage them to be active learners from a young age.

Being a mother herself, Mrs Whizzy is also able to relate and support parents, and understands the many challenges that parenthood can bring ☺. 

Congratulations on creating something so amazing for our little ones. - Sarah